Mark Knopfler 1979

“Inspired by his uncle Kingsley’s harmonica and boogie-woogie piano playing, he wanted to buy an expensive Fiesta Red Fender Stratocaster just like Hank Marvin’s, but had to settle for a £50 twin-pickup Höfner Super Solid. … One night while spending some time with friends, the only guitar available was an old acoustic with a badly warped neck that had been strung with extra-light strings to make it playable. Even so, he found it impossible to play unless he finger-picked it. He said in a later interview, “That was where I found my ‘voice’ on guitar.” …. Knopfler has estimated that he now owns “around 70 guitars”.”

Adulatory (compare with ) but informative BBC documentaries on You Tube. And doesn’t he look so 1979 in this picture?