Interesting to see what an impact even a small deviation from the straight and vertical achieves: these three are all on Avenida Paulista, a premium Sao Paulo address where architects are given presumably a little more leeway, not just a cost / return target.

FIESP (State of Sao Paulo industry organisation) headquarters

This one off Paulista is hidden behind the rectangular, but its curve stands out

Curving up and away from Paulista, it has banks, lawyers and airline tenants

All a long way from the view of this naive artist in the Museu Internacional do Arte Naif in Rio though; the vision is more like a scaled-up row of Greek villas. Will we be brave enough to move beyond the palette of sombre grey, beige and off-white in our corporate building? See for an example of one Brasileiro architect who has.

from the collection of the Museu Internacional do Arte Naif do Brasil in Rio